Welcome to the White-Box AI Research Group at FAU! Our group, led by Assistant Professors Prof. Patrick Zschech and Prof. Mathias Kraus, is dedicated to offering cutting-edge courses and providing research opportunities in the rapidly evolving fields of Intelligent Information Systems and Data Analytics.

This page serves as an introduction to the teaching and thesis opportunities available at the White-Box AI Research Group. Our courses, designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, cover a broad range of topics in artificial intelligence, including interpretable machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and data analytics. For more detailed information on courses, please refer to the respective websites and dedicated homepages.

In addition to our courses, we offer a variety of thesis projects aimed at advancing the state of the art in AI research. These projects encompass interdisciplinary areas such as healthcare, finance, and explainable AI, providing students with valuable opportunities to apply their knowledge and make a lasting impact in their chosen field.