New Paper published in the Communications of the Association for Information Systems

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Our new study reveals the potential of AI in addressing society’s grand challenges, particularly in the context of sustainability. While AI adoption has been booming, researchers have yet to fully integrate AI with Information Systems (IS) and sustainability. The study argues that the IS discipline, with its socio-technical nature, has the potential to advance both theory and the development of purposeful artifacts. For this study, we collected a corpus of 95 articles and examined sustainability goals, data inputs, technologies and algorithms, and evaluation approaches. The comprehensive overview enables more informed investments and discussion of blind spots and possible directions for future research. The findings of this study provide insight into the ways AI can be used to boost sustainable development and inform policy and practice decisions.

Thanks to the co-authors Thorsten Schoormann (Universitat Hildesheim), Gero Strobel (University Duisburg-Essen), Frederik Möller (TU Dortmund/Fraunhofer ISST), and Dimitri Petrik (University of Stuttgart).

The paper can be found here.