White-Box AI Kickoff

Cropped Lusen summit cross
Lusen summit cross

What a Journey! It has never been linear! I could bet it was exponential!? Never mind, let’s put non-linearity modeling jokes aside until we talk research and interpret what happened! Let’s just record we all made it to our first joint goal! We did it! Mathias Kraus and Patrick Zschech, two excellent Junior Professors in their field of Business Analytics, made it possible to establish the Research Group “White-Box AI” and hereby join forces with four newly casted PhD Students!

Lusen summit – Bavarian Forest

Let’s shortly introduce ourselves as PhD students: We are Sven Kruschel, Julian Rosenberger, Lasse Bohlen and Nico Hambauer. Simply put, we are all super eager to learn, write, code and connect, just like our supervisors! So first things first, even though most of us knew each other from working together, e.g. as student assistants, we kicked off our 3 Year journey with a retreat in the bavarian forest! You guessed it, we climbed our first summit before we are going to climb a lot of research summits and journal papers together!

But most importantly we have improved our cooperation and have become closer as human beings. Maybe to make work effective but fun we had something like this in mind:

“A good team also works excellently together outside of obligations”

Lusen summit cross
Our research Team (L-R Patrick, Lasse, Julian, Mathias, Nico, Sven missing) at the Lusen summit cross

In Mauth, Bavarian Forest we had a lot of great discussions, inspirational talks about research and planning. Effective work really requires to value the free time activities in our opinion. Prior to ascending Lusen in the End of September we had an energizing beach volleyball session. During this ~3 hour volleyball session, we found out who is good at blocking the fastballs, who is good at setting the pace and who is good at pitching or smashing the ball.

Volleyball Match
Sandbox volleyball match 😉

Stay tuned to see what serves we make off the volleyball field / in research!

Written by

Nico Hambauer

on 11.11.2022